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Academy Awards Hosts: Jimmy Kimmel, Chris Rock and More Photos

EntertainmentHollywoodAcademy Awards Hosts: Jimmy Kimmel, Chris Rock and More Photos
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Hosting the Oscars is a true honor, but there’s no denying the enormous pressure to pull off a perfect performance. The Academy routinely invites comics, actors and talk show regulars to take the gig, and how hard is it to refuse hosting Has been a mixed bag.

Jimmy Kimmel followed in his role as Oscars host in 2017, making him one of the few hosts to come back for more. He was back for 2019 and this year, he will be cracking jokes as a sidenote for the 2023 Academy Awards.

Late Night Host Explains Return to Dolby Theater USA Today, “Hopefully it is good to be away for a few years. I don’t think you want to do it too many times in a row because people are hitting on you.

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Whether you love them or want to turn down the volume, these hosts made the Oscars their own. View the gallery here for the best Academy Awards hosts of all time.

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