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A More Powerful Steam Deck Is Years Away, Says Valve

TechGamingA More Powerful Steam Deck Is Years Away, Says Valve
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It appears that Valve is in no rush to release a more powerful version of it. steam deck just yet. Currently, the Steam Deck can play over 8,000 games spanning indie titles and more hardware-intensive games such as elden ring And cyberpunk 2077,

In a recent interview, Valve engineer Pierre-Loup Griffais explained rock, paper, shotgun He believes that Steam “has the potential to be a solid target for an entire generation in the deck.” Griffis then goes on to explain how Valve plans to improve the Steam deck’s specifications “but the work involved is trickier than the typical deck UX tweaks developers have to make for an already well-performing game.” “

In the same interview, Valve designer Lawrence Yang explained Griffey’s thoughts on the Steam deck’s longevity, explaining how he thinks “a true next-gen deck with a significant bump in horsepower won’t be around for a few years.” This makes sense since Steam Deck has only been out for a little over a year.

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During its first year of living in the wild, it received several updates, improving its quality of life. Enables the most recent Ray Tracing on Doom Eternal and fixes graphical corruption problems That Long: Fallen Dynasty And GPU crashes in unspecified upcoming games.

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