’90 Day Fiancé: Love in Paradise’ exclusive preview: Jordan confronts Everton about affair


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Image credit: Tiffany Liu Yen

Everton had some explaining to do when Jordan received a voicemail from a woman claiming to be from Everton Other girlfriend on 90 Day Fiancé: Love in Heaven, In this special preview in the episode of May 15 tlc, Jordan confronts Everton, her long-distance boyfriend of 12 years, about a disturbing message left by an unknown caller. “I got a voicemail from a woman who claimed she was dating Everton during the Covid lockdown when I wasn’t able to travel to see her,” explains Jordan, as he forwards the message to Everton. But presses the play button.

“You know that guy Everton, he’s a dog,” begins the mystery woman’s message. “You think she’s loyal here? Ha! She’s right here f****** me and god knows who else.” As Everton looks on in surprise and Jordan continues to stare at her, the woman can be heard saying, “DDon’t you find it pathetic? Any American woman looking for a man in the islands is pathetic. Ouch.

“Everton, why is there a lady on my phone calling me pathetic,” Jordan says as the voicemail ends, to which Everton replies, “Oh you know what, she’s b**** crazy.” However, he doesn’t get off the hook that easy, as Jordan fires back, “You’re right and you’re the one who was bullshitting him!”

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Everton defends latest ’90 Day Fiancé’ (Tiffany Lue Yen) over alleged affair with Jordan

In the confessional statement, Everton acknowledged his wrongdoing. “I feel really bad about this, I got f***** up once, but this one girl was just flying f******.” He says, “I was single and now it’s over.” Back in the meeting with his girlfriend of over a decade, Everton wins as Jordan exclaims, “You did what you did, I hope you enjoyed yourself.”

“How do I trust you when you’re not talking about what you’re doing when I’m not there. You know how small that island is?” Jordan continued in his confession before admitting: “I feel insulted by Everton’s choice in this situation and I am very disappointed that he has stooped so low, it’s really upsetting and very confusing.” “

Find out how Everton and Jordan work through this blunder when the full episode airs on Monday, May 15 tlc, Watch Full Season 3 of And 90 Day Fiancé: Love in Heaven As it continues every Monday at 8 p.m. tlc,