8 best FPS games that haven’t been remade yet


Remakes have become extremely popular in the modern gaming landscape. like sports resident Evil 4 And dead Space Both are great examples of the influence this recent trend has had on the survival horror genre, though. First-person shooters have gotten a lot of remakes, too. over the years, as Halo CE: Anniversary And Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Remastered Both attempted to take a beloved FPS and remake them for modern hardware.

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However, there are many great FPS games out there that sadly haven’t received the same treatment, and worse isn’t likely to happen in the near future. here is a list of some best fps game He not yet fully remade,

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8 call of Duty World at War

Some Duty The titles have as much to say about the subject of war as world at War was in 2008, and yet it is regarded by Activision as a red-headed stepchild of sorts. Not only did its predecessor receive a complete remake, its immediate successor, call of Duty Modern Warfare 2Also received a single player remake.

it’s frustrating because Wow probably the best WW2 era cod The title is there (even with its overly grenade spam on Veteran) even when stacked up against the more graphically impressive but nostalgic and even cynical, Call of Duty: WW2, now imagine the combination WAW’s gruesome and thoughtful portrayal of war with modern warfare 2022 Graphics.

7 hello 3

halo 3 back cover

really okay hello 3 still looks pretty cool even by today’s standards, It’s actually quite surprising that most of its visuals are out of date and much of that is due to its strong art direction. It makes sense hello ce And Hello 2 Got the whole anniversary treatment because even by 2007 they looked pretty old. hello 3However, it still has that magical look, even if some of the individual parts aren’t as old, such as the facial modeling and lip-synching.

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At most, hello 3 Some areas could use touch ups, perhaps higher resolution textures and some models with more polygons, but other than that it’s doubtful that the remake will really improve upon Bungie’s original vision for the game.

6 bioshock

bioshock cover

Original bioshock still ranks high on many gamers’ lists of the greatest FPS of all time, and it’s easy to see why. Dripping game with a fantastically unique world toxic political commentary, bioshock In many ways a once in a generation game that many are probably too scared to get the remake treatment for fear that they’ll mess it up.

While the game looks good even by today’s standards, there are still a lot of areas in which the remake could improve, such as the lighting (imagine a ray traced bioshock), weapons, animations, textures etc.

5 battlefield Bad Company 2

battlefield bad company 2 art

If battlefield 2042 proved anything, is that they’re remakes BFBC2 The maps look much better now than in 2010. However, this raises the question; If it can be made to look that much better, why not remake one Battle field game ever made? While the original has its moments, it still has the almost cartoonish look that a remake could get away with with modern graphical technology.

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It’s not only the base game that will feel great, Vietnam multiplayer expansion It was a complete personality in itself that would seem downright insane with modern technology.

4 Star Wars: Battlefront 2

star wars battlefront 2 cover

While the series was brought back to life by EA in 2010, it hasn’t been the same since the days of just battlefield 2, Originally released in 2005 (Just after revenge of the Sith, battlefield 2 Hero brought a bunch of new features like a story-based campaign, and a whole host of new maps, weapons, and vehicles that were missing from its predecessor.

It’s really a shame this game never got a full remake because impressive features aside, the game is underwhelming by modern standards and definitely outdated graphically.

3 fallout 3

Close-up image of a member of the Brotherhood of Steel from Fallout 3.

Whereas Skyrim and now fallout 4 have made their own remakes (more than once), fallout 3 Just sitting in the corner without a remaster or remake to its name. It’s a crime how popular it was when it first came out and how many people consider it to be a better game for both Skyrim And fallout 4,

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Worse, the game doesn’t even run well on modern gaming PCs without serious modding. Bethesda can probably throw a fresh coat of paint on the game and people will buy it in droves, especially if it plays better.

2 half life 2

gordon and alix from half-life 2

A can’t be Half-Life 3 in the near future, but Valve may be making an HD remake of one of its most beloved games in the meantime. Whereas half life 2 Still looks great these days (even better with mods), Half Life: Alex Shows that there is a lot to improve when it comes to the visuals and art direction of the series.

First half life has made its own fan remake with black mesa, and got a ray tracing mode some recent, the latter of which would be really nice to see HL2, Alas, there’s virtually no indication that Valve is planning a remake. half life 2,

1 return to castle wolfenstein

return to castle wolfenstein

how many will remember Wolfenstein: The New Order However, new life was breathed into the old Nazi suffrage bashing, return to castle wolfenstein accomplished it in 2001 when it turned the archaic 2D corridor shooter into a massive, 3D dungeon crawler that won’t be topped until the aforementioned new orders Released after 13 years.

return offers both An immersive environment and action-packed campaign as well as a silly fun multiplayer component that’s been missing in the series since 2009 wolfenstein, Frankly, the fact that this game hasn’t received a single HD remaster, let alone a full remake, in two decades is absurd.

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