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7 darkest anime scenes of all time

TechGaming7 darkest anime scenes of all time
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Even though sein anime shows are targeting young adult audiences, that doesn’t mean their stories don’t have substance and a good amount of darkness. Anime fans had the chance to see some of the most thought-provoking and wicked scenes in the series and meet some of the most disgusting and terrifying characters in the anime world.

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all the best scene anime The shows have well-crafted characters, unique stories, and great art styles, but few have such bleak and sad stories as these iconic anime. While anime lovers can find bloody and gory seinen anime, they can also watch mind-bending psychological thrillers that explore the darkest sides of human nature and chilling insights into the minds of serial killers and brutal psychopaths. .

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7 hellsing ultimate

hellsing ultimate one of the fairest anime about vampires With lots of dark and bloody scenes. It is one of the most violent seinen anime shows with a lot of graphic gore moments in each episode. The story follows the perilous adventures of a vampire named Alucard and his minion Ward Seras as they defend the British Empire against deadly supernatural beings.

During their journey, they encounter many terrifying enemies, including the vampire army of the evil war-mad SS-Major, who plans to start an eternal war. Anime lovers who are looking for a dark seen show with kick-ass action sequences that get really brutal and bloody should check this out hellsing ultimate,

6 erased

Gaku Yashiro in Mita

erased is one of the most eminent psychologists time travel anime With shocking twists and a heart wrenching dark storyline. The show also features superbly drawn characters and thanks to its unique structure, viewers are constantly surprised by new developments which makes this anime completely engrossing from start to finish.

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Its story follows the adventures of Satoru, an inspirational manga artist who tries to use his time travel ability to travel back in time and try to prevent a terrible tragedy. However, as he gets closer to solving the mystery of his friend’s disappearance, he unintentionally uncovers a dark and disturbing secret.

5 made in the abyss

Reg, Rico and Nanachi in Made in the Abyss

whether made in the abyss Has a charming art style with mostly cute characters. This is one of the saddest and darkest scene anime shows with a one of a kind story. This intricate and complex scene anime series managed to completely immerse its viewers in the harrowing world of anime while keeping them eerie layers of made in the abyss,

Anime fans can follow the harrowing adventures of a young girl named Riko, who embarks on an adventure with her robot friend Reg to find her mother. As they descend lower and lower into the abyss, they are faced with new, terrifying and heart-wrenching events.

4 psycho pass

Agent in Psycho-Pass

psycho passThe dark and thought-provoking story is perfect for science-fiction anime fans who enjoy psychological tales with lots of gruesome deaths. This gory anime introduces its fans to the world of the future as they follow the adventures of Inspector Akane Tsunami.

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The anime is set in a futuristic Japan where Akane strictly follows the rules and orders by the Sibyl System until one day she discovers that a criminal has been able to escape this theoretically perfect system. thanks to in cibil system psycho passAnime lovers can enjoy a unique adventure as well as explore stories about serial killers and the police who try to capture them from a different perspective.

3 tokyo ghoul

ken in tokyo ghoul

tokyo ghoul is one of them dark anime series All the while that perfectly balances the action with the gore. Anime fans can explore an exciting story as they follow the adventures of a young boy named Ken Kaneki, who turns into a goblin after an accident.

Ken is forced to go on the run and does his best to protect others as he explores the captivating but cruel world of ghosts in Tokyo. Even though it is a dark fantasy scene anime, it has some of the goriest and bloodiest deaths in anime with many terrifying man-eating ghouls.

2 Demon

Johann Liebert in Monster

Whereas Demon A slow anime without many fast-paced action sequences, it still manages to keep viewers entertained from beginning to end, thanks to its great animation style and thought-provoking story.

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This psychological thriller scene anime story follows the adventures of a brilliant neurosurgeon who becomes the prime suspect in an investigation when the doctors who fired him are murdered. He decides to solve the mystery himself and realizes that the murders are linked to one of his former patients. It is one of the deepest senan shows with meaningful themes about good and evil and the possible consequences of our choices.

1 bold

dare in berserk

boldThe dark and terrifying world of is filled with violence, death and betrayal, and it takes its viewers on a heart-wrenching journey. This is an iconic dark fantasy scene anime that offers something for all types of audiences and features a gorgeous art style, complex characters, as well as a superbly constructed world that completely immerses its viewers in the story .

Anime fans can follow the adventures of Guts who, after living his life as a lone swordsman, meets Griffith and decides to join the Band of the Hawk. Unfortunately, as Himmat and his new family try to fight their way into the royal court, they must face not only deadly enemies but also the shocking betrayal of their charismatic leader.

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