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6 Tips To Beat Your Laziness And Wake Up Energetic Every Morning!

HealthFitness6 Tips To Beat Your Laziness And Wake Up Energetic Every Morning!
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Do you wake up every morning feeling energized by some sunshine and starting the day on a positive note? Well, many of us dream of starting our day feeling fresh, refreshed and healthy. Unfortunately, for most of us, reality is a far cry from this dream. We all have mornings when we just can’t shake ourselves out of stagnation and fatigue. It’s hard to be happy on such days, and we always reach for that inevitable cup of coffee to freshen up. We get it, you must be tired of the saying “I never feel fresh”. If this is your morning ritual, then you need to make some changes to get that spark and high energy back. There are many ways to overcome laziness and wake up energetic.

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Health Shots caught up with Dr. Kamna Chhibber, Senior Psychologist for her tips to stay energized every morning.

Wake up and do the right things to feel energized for the whole day! Image Courtesy: shutterstock

How to wake up with energy and inspiration?

If you’re tired of being tired and sore every day, read what our experts suggest to help you wake up feeling energized every morning.

1. Develop a good sleep schedule

Developing a good sleep schedule and following a healthy sleep hygiene practice will go a long way in building a successful, healthy life. The expert suggests that you should always try to maintain a regular sleep-wake cycle in order to feel healthy and refreshed. here are some ways to improve sleep,

2. Say no to gadgets while sleeping

Our expert says, “Avoid staying up late at night on gadgets. Instead read or listen to some light music so that you can relax and unwind and get good quality sleep. The blue light emitted from gadgets keeps us awake for long and also reduces the secretion of the sleep hormone melatonin.

3. Make a to-do list for the day ahead

“Line up the things you’ll look forward to during the day,” suggests the expert. Making a list of to-do things will leave you feeling empowered and motivated for the day ahead, and you’ll go to sleep in a lighter mood knowing that you have an organized plan for the next day.

4. Start Your Day With a Calm Mind

to be a healthy morning routine is non-negotiable so that it sets the mood and good intentions for the whole day. You can try yoga/meditation even for 15 minutes, or you can consider doing some fitness regime in the mornings that energizes and invigorates you. Whatever it is, stick to that routine to see the best results in the long run.

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how to wake up energetic
Get up and do some exercise in your bed to start your day in a calm way! Image Courtesy: shutterstock

5. Do the most tedious tasks first

“Try to solve any challenges you may experience in advance. Having some sort of plan is helpful,” says our expert. When you tackle tough tasks first thing in the morning, you’ll end up feeling motivated and empowered, and mentally grounded.

6. Don’t hit snooze

The most beloved button on our alarm clock does more harm than good when it comes to trying to actively wake up. If you spend the last half hour of your sleep in “fragmented sleep,” it can have serious consequences for your ability to function throughout the day. Try the 90-minute sleep cycle hack by setting an alarm 90 minutes before your wake-up time and setting an alarm for when you want to wake up.

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