14 Best First-Person Shooters Of All Time


The first person shooter genre has played an important role in the gaming industry for decades. Some of gaming’s most iconic franchises have been first person shooters, such as halo, DoomAnd Duty As is often the case with popular genres, the FPS genre is constantly being flooded with new entries.

It’s no wonder that many of these games fail to impress or cash in on the success of the genre. However, from time to time, a game comes along that reminds players just how great a first-person shooter can be when done right. for variety, This list will only includeOne game per franchise.

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Updated by Jack Percy on May 12, 2023:The notion of the first-person shooter genre has taken a bit of a hit in recent years, as the abundance of live-service first-person shooters that care more about cash than quality has damaged its reputation. Live-service games aren’t inherently bad by any means, but the FPS genre has had some rough live-service releases in recent years, causing some players to look back rather than forward to play their games. Is. For those who want to revisit some of the gems of the FPS genre, this list has been updated to include a few more. best fps game of all time,

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14 Borderlands 2

when the original Limit When it was announced, it immediately grabbed attention with its cartoon-like graphics that were bursting with color, as well as its characters and world design that oozed charisma.

Borderlands 2 is set five years after its predecessor and introduces the now-iconic video game antagonist, Handsome Jack. Limit 2 Much improved on the already impressive original Limit,The game was praised by critics, exemplified by its Metascore of 91 and the Action Game of the Year award at the 16th Annual Dice Awards.​​​​​​​​

13 left 4 Dead 2

left 4 dead 2 promotional title image

left 4 Dead 2 was developed by Valve and released in November 2009 on PC and Xbox 360. Like its predecessor, the game was an instant hit for its great co-operative dramathat let a group of friends battle hordes of zombies.

The range of zombie types is one of left 4 Dead 2best gameplay features, as their many different strengths, weaknesses, and attack patterns forced players to think on their feet as learning to defeat them and using the best strategies was necessary in order to survive.

12 far cry 3

remotely inhabited 3

far cry 3 Was released in November 2012 on PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One Offering a stunning open world for players to explore Set on a sunny tropical island.

The game is best remembered today for the charismatic Vaas, who quickly became one of gaming’s most beloved villains. Vaas’s unpredictability, quotable lines and explosive temper have helped him live long in players’ memories, a testament to the performance of his voice actor, Michael Mando, whose stock has recently been fueled by Nacho’s masterful portrayal. increased for better call Saul.

11 titanfall 2

Titans fighting each other in Titanfall 2

When titanfall 2 When it was first announced, few would have predicted that the game would one day be considered one of the best first-person shooters of all time. EA’s titanfall 2 was released on October 28, 2016, exactly two years after its predecessor and only a week after another EA first-person shooter, battlefield 2. Although EA Andrew Wilson Claims Closer Release Won’t Hurt titanfall 2 because sports have different playing stylesthe fact was titanfall 2 was a commercial flop,

However, the game slowly but surely rose to prominence as its ever-growing player base brought about extremely enjoyable multiplayer and campaign modes. titanfall 2 It might never find the commercial success it deserves, but it’s certainly appreciated by fans.

10 Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege

six siege2

since Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege Since it was first released, it has come a long way in terms of level design and gameplay. be alert Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege Not ideal for casual players. To get the most out of the game, learning the game’s advanced gadgets and tricks requires a significant time commitment.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege considered the best today Rainbow Six Game of All Time, which is an impressive honor considering how many critically acclaimed games have been released in the long-running franchise.

9 Doom (1993)

The Original Art of Doom (1993)

It’s no exaggeration to say that every game on this list owes a debt of gratitude to 1993. Doom, id software Doom It was not the first FPS game, but it is still considered the foremost pioneer of the genre, with several innovations such as verticality, ambient lighting, and the game’s deathmatch mode, which has become a staple of the genre.

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Although Doom (1993) may not look like much today, it is still really enjoyable to playWhich is a testament to how well the gameplay was designed.

8 Hello 2

halo 2 keyart

Bungie had a tough task on their hands with development Hello 2because they had to follow ground-breaking Halo: Combat Evolvedwhich was a major influence on the FPS genre and is today recognized as one of the most important launch titles of all time, as it immediately showed that Microsoft’s Xbox had the potential to be a real force in the gaming industry.

Bungie cleverly tried not to reinvent the wheel Hello 2Instead opt to try and improve just its core features while sprinkling some fresh ideas on top. The result was a game that offered both the best single-player campaign and multiplayer modes in FPS history.

7 top legends

apex legends

Response Entertainment top legends The first-person shooter is a mega-hit with fans of the genre. there are many similarities between top legends and epic games Fortnite, despite being played in third person as opposed to first person. with some likes Fortnite and others top legends, It cannot be said how long the debate will last. Its complex gameplay mechanics include class skills such as rope gliding and dimensional shifting.

6 battlefield Bad Company 2

bad comapny 2

fondly remembered by many battlefield Bad Company 2 as the best Battle field The game thus far has to be released. Bad Company The series added environmental destructibility which was incredibly impressive at the time. From being able to destroy walls to reveal enemies hiding in houses Battle field series tenfold and set it apart from its competitors.

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Each multiplayer map featured tons of detail, encouraging players to return for one last battle. And the whole game is very sophisticated. Even by today’s standards, battlefield Bad Company 2 An extraordinary title.

5 golden eye 007


Some would say that the stigma behind movie-based video games is gone, but not yet as thrilling as movie-based video games. golden eye 007 For Nintendo 64.

golden eye 007 took first-person shooters to a whole new level by introducing a wide array of weapons and a campaign that stayed true to the original film. Combined with its split-screen multiplayer, golden eye 007 Considered by many as the best first-person shooter of all time. Getting the Golden Gun in multiplayer is sweet enough for one-shot elimination, as is the satisfaction of eliminating dudes by choosing Oddjob.

4 call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare

mdoern warfatre remastered2

Duty The series has undoubtedly become one of the most divisive in all of gaming, but even the most staunch critic would have a hard time arguing that the series has had some great releases over the years.

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call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare It is considered by many fans to be the high point of the series. As the name suggests, the game reinvents the series by swapping out the tried and tested World War II setting for modern times. The change was warmly received, and the stellar campaign and highly impressive multiplayer mode secured the game’s place as one of the genre’s most iconic releases.

3 half life 2

half lifw 2

half life 2 is a beloved first-person shooter for its innovative gameplay mechanics and incredible storytelling. valve One of the biggest names in first-person shooter gaming, and they haven’t failed to deliver half life 2, When half life 2 When first released, the game was ahead of its time in gameplay and graphics. Impressively, the game still feels fresh and unique to play today, despite how out-of-date the visuals are.

2 bioshock remastered


bioshock remastered One might not have the most fun first-person shooter elements bioshock game, but it’s the best overall package. The twists and turns of the story are enough to keep players engaged and scared, thanks in no small part to now-iconic character Andrew Ryan.

many would agree Bioshock Infinite Has better first-person shooting gameplay, but is basic bioshock‘S fun city Rapture, Big Daddies, Little Sisters, and the engrossing story make it the best of the series.

1 counter Strike Global Offensive

cs go

counter Strike Global Offensive There is another game in this list which was developed by Valve. The first-person shooter was first released over a decade ago in 2012, yet it’s still one of the most played games on Steam, which is a testament to how well-designed the complex gameplay mechanics are. it was done.

The game sees terrorists facing off against terrorists to complete an objective, usually on one of the most famous video game maps of all time, Dust II.

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