11 Controversy Before King Charles’s Coronation Even Before It Started


basically, are Rumors Circling that no royal women will be allowed to wear a crown at the coronation – including Britain’s next Queen Kate Middleton.

When you compare this coronation directly to Queen Elizabeth II’s, nearly every female royal has worn a crown. And there are two main speculations as to why this is happening:

1. Remember when we discussed the housing crisis and the protests? Well. It’s just not cool for royals to walk around in million-dollar jewelry.

2. It’s a little overhyped, but when it was expected that Meghan Markle might make an appearance, it was Rumor The palace was planning on how to keep her presence as neutral as possible. one such suggestion May She has to stop wearing the tiara. But it would have been too awkward, and potentially made her stand out more, so the conclusion was that no royal woman would wear it.

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