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10 Best PC Mods to Comeback To

TechGaming10 Best PC Mods to Comeback To
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Many fans are happy to see Sony’s efforts to launch its exclusives on PC, a move that would have been unimaginable just a few years ago. PC players are happy to finally be able to play some of Sony’s best offerings, such as God of war And marvel’s spider man Being an absolute blast to play through. Another title that has been ported to PC is ReturnAn AAA roguelike that is difficult but satisfying when players go through a particularly grueling challenge.

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With its release on PC, many Return Players are wondering about the mods available for this title. After all, the PC is a malleable platform, and modding is considered by many to be vital to enjoying the definitive experience. Here are some of the best mods that players can download to enhance their playing experience Return Very little.

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10 free shops

Players need to get as many upgrades and items as possible get through ReturnThere are many challenging levels, However, getting Obolites every now and then to buy useful buffs and other items can be quite a chore.

Players who want to modify the game and make it easier for them View Free Shops Mode, True to its name, this mod allows players to buy everything in the shop for free, which will make their run more manageable in every way.

9 can jump while dashing

Selen dashing to avoid enemy attack

Dashing is an important tool for both exploration and combat. Players need to rely on Selene’s quick reflexes To dodge the many damaging moves that enemies can unleash in the game. However, while dashing, players cannot perform any other actions, which may lead to grating after a point.

After all, it sure would feel cool to jump while dashing. This mod allows players to do exactly thatMakes movement and traversal feel more varied and diverse as players mix together different moves to make the game more enjoyable.

8 can shoot while dashing

Selene back in the fight

jumping isn’t the only thing Selene is unable to pull while dashing, She can’t shoot either, which can be quite annoying for players who are used to running and gunning in shooters that require the fastest reflexes to survive these stages.

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Thank God, Mod also includes this base, with players being able to shoot faster with a simple download. It’s a small tweak, but something that many players will appreciate if they want to make combat as action-packed as possible.

7 no curse from the chest

Open the gate by shooting the yellow dot in the return

As is the case with most roguelikes, the buff isn’t the only thing Selene will enjoy during the run. Sports have a bad habit of cursing at players when they least expect itWhich can make a run very weak and weak.

Players who wish to avoid this frustration altogether can disable the curse in specific circumstances through the use of mods. This prevents special chests from bashing playersWhich is bound to be helpful for obvious reasons.

6 no curse from item

Returnal Xenotec Prism

Being infected with a parasite when the player just wants to pick up items can be quite annoying. After all, items are crucial in any run, and adding a curse effect to them can deter most players from even seeking help, no matter how bad their run is.

with this mode, no malicious object will disturb the player and derail his run. Avoiding these parasites becomes second nature ReturnAnd it helps that mods reinforce this behavior even more.

5 No Curses from Obolite Chunks

return obsolete

Obolite is an extremely valuable currency that players can use to advance their races, gain more powers, etc. Therefore, it can be very frustrating if players risk getting cursed if they try to get as many Obolites as possible during a single run.

This mod ensures Obolite Chunks will not infect the player with parasites at all. This is tremendously helpful for obvious reasons, especially since Obolite is a temporary resource and will reset in each run anyway, making this temporary currency a more annoying curse to deal with.

4 no curse with keys

anonymous key in return

the keys are very important to move forward Return, so it can be quite annoying if these progress items curse the player. The risk versus reward balance in this game is very well designed, but there are times when players don’t want to deal with yet another parasite infestation.

with this mode, the curses are completely removed from the keys, making them safe to pick up, no matter how rough things are. It’s a simple but great medium Return Giants can use it after getting tired of repeated curses.

3 free reconstructor

Selene stands in front of the reconstructor

Rebuilder is easily one of the most useful things Return, Allowing players to come back for a second run when dismissed, However, they cost a lot of Ether, which is one of the most valuable currencies in the game.

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Instead of spending valuable Ether, Players can download only one mod Which makes Reconstructor completely free! A lot of the challenge in the game has been negated by this mod, so players should only use it if they’ve experienced everything the vanilla game has to offer in terms of difficulty.

2 Performance Boost for Potato PC


The beauty of the PC platform is that players can see great games around even if their hardware isn’t that great, although performance dips are the norm for cheaper builds. how much given Return is all about being precise with one’s movements, a drop in FPS or any stutter can end up being quite fatal.

with this modeAs a result, the game’s more complex effects can either be toned down more than allowed or removed entirely, allowing weaker hardware to run the game more smoothly. This is a must have for players with weak PCs who don’t want to die because of a performance hiccup.

1 free thanos

Thanos in Returns

Kothanos Obelisk is one of the most important things Players need to invest if they want to watch Return very end, Putting in enough Ether adds another artifact or consumable to the loot pool, making later runs of the game easier and more rewarding.

Players who don’t have enough Ether or want to save it for something else Download a mod that makes any investment in the Thanos obelisk completely free, This is a great way to make a quick run for players who only want to watch the ending or have already gone through the game!

Return Available on PS5 and PC.

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